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Violence, racism, verdict... at Ferguson (USA)??

The CNN video speak about the judging. The people are talking in the street. "I just think this is crazy,"said one,he added "A young man was killed on the street in broad daylight. I am surprised it has taken so long. I've got a lot of clients and they're all in shock" and he concluded "There's a lot of anxiety. We don't know when it's going to happen. We just want justice for the whole system. I think it's bigger than Mike Brown." This have been some words of the people in United States. Now follow embarrassment in USA.

The day I cried

He was born in Madrid the 25th of March 1962. He was a Spanish basketball player brother of Antonio Martín basketball player too. He played in Estudiantes,Real Madrid and Portland Trail Blazers. He was too Spanish selection. He was the first Europe player no university training in joining a team in the NBA. He played of pivot and he average 2.05 meters. As a player, he was noted for his great physical strength and technique not without talent. He was considered one of the best Spanish basketball. He was died in Madrid the 3rd December of 1989 in a car accident when he was twenty seven years old.


This is an article about death of Jimmy (Deportivo de la Coruña follower)in the have stopped 3 people of Frente Atlético for murder. In the next link sample the stopped of the 3 people.

I think this is a shame in a sport than beautiful pass things than horrible. For me I think the ultras must leave the stadiums.

Nowadays, this is normally done the day after thanksgiving , for the sole reason that people buy more to see discounts. In the media have come images of people shopping in department stores not only clothes but buying appliances and computers. Although it has been done the first time, and in Spain people are in economic crisis, many people have pre Christmas shopping discounts. In Spain every time they are more the trades than add up to the celebration of the Black Friday that it marks the beginning of the Christmas purchases and diverse companies take part offering big discounts. I reckon that this invention has been very useful because compar a garment for example you discount the 20 or 30% and can find very good and pretty clothes that are not in the sales.

I have never been to an interview for a job. The job interview is the most important that you will face in finding work step. Firstly, the CV, it's very important because a company manager wouldn't take people that don't have any studies or who doesn´'t have enough experience for the job. It' for that reason that if you leave earlier school you would get a worse job. Finding a job can be a complicated and tiring process. In a job interview you have relax. It is very important! You have to think in good experiences, and finally you have to be confident and answer questions calmly. You have to persuade a company that you are the best person for the job!

Old rockers never die!!!!

My favourite types of music are pop rock and dj music. I I've gotten used pop rock for the radio because I listen quite. Too I like dj music because I've gotten used with my friends. I likes this:


Afternoon tea: a very British tradition

When a foreigner arrives in Spain, it can be noted that Spaniards have some characteristics customs: The siesta is a custom very present in our country. I have been very surprised when I've read that the afternoon tea doesn't come from England, but from China. I thought that this tradition came from the Queen of England, as I once read in a travel guide that everything started because the queen had the habit of inviting her friends to a tea in the afternoon. The cake on the picture is called “scone” and it is a single-serving cake, originally hailing from Scotland. They are usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, with baking powder as a leavening agent. I ate it in England but I can not say that it is delicious because I didn't like it!

The boxing Day is a festivity hold in the UK and the EEUU. Is celebrated the 26th december and during the time the realization of donations and gifts to the poor is promoted. This year too is celebreated in Spain
Too there is Boxing Day in the football. During Christmas there are football in the Premier League The name "boxing day" is a traditional and historic date in England, where all the professional teams of different categories play a football game, somehow celebrating the first match played between clubs in history, December 26, 1860 between Sheffield FC and Hallam FC.
"At this moment the German guys are on the beach, the Spanish guys are in the Maldives getting sun - everybody else is doing that. But in this country you play on the 22nd, you play on Boxing Day, you play on the 28th, you play on New Year's Day. There is not Christmas” - said Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's CF coach.


For me, Raúl was the best player of Real Madrid history. He was in Real Madrid sixteen years (1994-2010),two years in Schalke 04 (2010-2012) and two years in Qatar,in the Al-Sadd Sports Club (2012-2014) and now he play in EEUU in the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League. He played in the quarry of Atletico Madrid.

He was the first player young in play 100,200,300,400 and 500 official matches in the Real Madrid and 135 matches in Champions League. He was the maximun scorer in League with Real Madrid.

He is known as El señor de los anillos, El Eterno Capitán, El Ángel de Madrid, el gran capitán, El 7 de España, Señor Raúl or Míster Champions

World Peace Day

The last Friday was the World Day of Peace or International Day of Peace. Was found in 1964 in Spain. Practiced the 30th January,for the died of Mahatma Gandhi. On this date the need for education for tolerance, solidarity, respect for human rights, nonviolence and peace is remembered. I think celebrate the Peace Day because for remember violent people that we don't want wars and violence in the world. But violence isn't only in wars. Violence is everywhere. Men hit women, women hit men, and even guys hit among themselves. Most wars have been produced because of money, power, religion and racism. Currently, there are still wars in the world's poorest countries.


The marmot day is a folk method used by farmers, especially in the EEUU and Canada for predict the end of winter, based of the animals behaviour when it leaves of hibernate the 2nd February.

According to the legend if the marmot out of it burrow don't see his shade, leave his burrow. If she see his shade back to his burrow. This mean to the winter during six weeks more.

This year the marmot Phil has been predicted six weeks more of winter. She has since gone of his burrow and she back to his burrow.

Saint Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine's Day is a day where the people only prove his love. themselves gives things (flowers normally). There are much opinions different,some people think that is a horrible day and hate it for many reasons. Other people love it this day. In my opinion server created for the people spend his money.

If you go to a supermarket in this date you can find out a lot of things about love. From teddies to a lot of diferent brand of chocolates and too many things associated.
I've just listened the song and it's very sad. It tells the story of a man and a woman who have just broken and they feel broke. The son it's really good, but a bit sad, as the name says.

Home schooling

For me, I think home schooling would more interesting because a teacher would to our house and the students doesn't distractedand they could take better notes.

A boarding school is a school where the students study and live during the school year. The parents must pay to the boarding school. The people living most of his childhood and adolescence away from their parents, despite having the opportunity to go home during holidays and vacations.

Computers, artificial intelligence... Be careful!

I think the computers is a great invention because our life pass for the technology and every people known handle a computer. In the school the jobs are presented in computer. much exercises become in the computer and much people study in the computer. Few teacher become to write. The people search information in Internet but ussually the information is incorrect. Every people use social network (Twitter,Facebook,Whatsapp,Tuenti,Instagram etc) thank to the Internet and the technology. Too have been produced much problems for the social network, for this is better doesn't give our personal information. Even so for me the technology is the best.


In my opinion three children per family is too much for a family. A family should have 2 children for family, its more normal.
By the economy of each family the people can have two,three,four etc childrens . For example a family don't have money shouldn't have three or four childrens.

I think that I will have a family, I have two childrens because nowadays the life is more difficult: There's less work, the people have less money etc.

Mobile phone for children,good or bad?

The childrens used mobile phone I think is bad, because they distracted and can harm his academic achievement. I have mobile phone and for me is very interesting,but there are applications it can bad for the students. Nowadays used mobile phone is very normal. I see children of 9 years old with mobile phone.

In my opinion the age for have mobile phone is the thirteen years old because much people of this age have mobile phone and you comunicate for your friends.

If the school prohibited used the mobile phone. See you with the mobile phone taken away and have go your parents for you give it.

Even so I think mobile phone and I am very happy with he!


The novel War and Peace was written for León Tolstói (1828-1910)a great Russian writer. The novel was written in 1865. Its a masterpiece of the Russian literature. In she León Tolstói narrated the virtues of much people of the obre since wars to the XIX century.

Some people think title was Wars and world, but León Tolstói put this title for the obre of the french writer Pierre Joseph Proudhon. people found in Brussels in 1861 and he have very respect.


A tsunami is a complex event in the bind big waves produced when extraordinary phenomenon vertically moved a big water mass. This type of waves are very dangerous. It is estimated that 90% of these phenomena are caused by earthquakes, in which case they are more correct and accurate name of "tectonic tsunamis."

The 11st March of 2011 was a big tsunami in Japan. The tsunami created waves of forty metres. Happen in the sea, front the coast Honshu. The tsunami during six second and they were 20 896 people died, 3084 missed and 6025 wounded.

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